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7 Benefits of Jumping on Trampoline for Kids

7 Benefits of Jumping on Trampoline for Kids

Issue Time:2016-08-09

7 Benefits of Jumping on Trampoline for Kids

The trampoline parks are more than fun games of jumping. Kids jumping on the trampolines allow them to have fun while seeing improvement in physical fitness and overall development, which makes trampoline a great sport choice for kids. Here are 7 great benefits kids will experience from jumping on trampolines.


1. Motor Skill Development

One of the biggest trampoline park benefits for kids is the improvement of motor skills. The unstable surface of trampoline requires both sides of the brain to work together to keep balance in standing. And it improve the communication between the brain and body. Kids develop muscle control and coordination over time while having fun.

Motor Skill Development

2. Burn Calories and Energy

The beauty of a trampoline is that it's a fun full-body workout any kid will enjoy.  Unlike "boring running",  kids burn calories and expend energy without even realizing it. It's a low impact exercise that will increase blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body while raising their heart rate.

Burn Calories and Energy 

3. Improve Posture and Balance

Balance and posture go hand in hand. Bad posture is now all too common with children due to their bad habit and lack understanding of their center of gravity. The flexible surface of a jumping mat forces them to be aware of their center of gravity, which will result in good posture. Kids develop the habit of keeping their chin up and shoulders back with even realizing it.

Improve Posture and Balance 

4. Raise Self-Esteem

Jumping on trampolines will allow kids to gain confidence, strength, and courage. They'll become more comfortable with the thought of exercise and become fearless. If  in a large trampoline park,they will have chances to have fun jumping with other kids, which will help acquire valuable social skills. Their overall self-esteem will grow from simply gaining the confidence they need on a trampoline.

Raise Self-Esteem 

5. Improve Bone Mass

In the early years of development, it's important to increase bone mass to ensure proper growth. The light impact of jumping increases bone density. This occurs because of increased G-forces on the body. It also strengthens the ligaments and tendons around the joints to increase overall bone mass. Ultimately, the activity will lead to strong bones. Continued exercise will also reduce the chances of potential bone conditions in the future.

Improve Bone Mass 

6. Strengthen Immune System

The immune system helps to keep kids healthy. It's improved by increasing the effectiveness of the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for flushing out toxins and handling any foreign invaders, such as disease. Jumping on a trampoline promotes proper circulation because the system operates on physical movement. The repeated jumping motion puts the system into overdrive. A child's body will be more capable of fighting off both simple and serious diseases.

Strengthen Immune System 

7. Increase Metabolism

While most kids already have more than enough energy, jumping on a trampoline helps them retain it when it starts to wane. Because the activity uses up energy, the body needs to produce more of it. This leads to an increase in metabolism. Kids will burn more calories throughout the day, even when they're not jumping. This increase will help them stay at a healthy weight as they grow older.

Increase Metabolism

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