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Capital of Instructional Aids and Toys in China Opening Ceremony

Capital of Instructional Aids and Toys in China Opening Ceremony

Issue Time:2018-12-07

 Capital of Instructional Aids and Toys in China Opening Ceremony


On December 4th, it was destined to be a day in the history of Wenzhou. Capital of Instructional Aids and Toys held a grand opening ceremony and foundation laying ceremony at Qiaoxia Town. In addition, there are representatives from the Yongjia education toy industry, representatives from merchants from all over the country, representatives from around the world, representatives of entrepreneurs, celebrities and major mainstream media reporters, witnessed this important moment. .




Mr. Tang Hongzhu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, delivered a speech on behalf of the government of Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, and expressed warm congratulations on the official launch of the only key project of the educational toy industry in Zhejiang Province and one of the ten key projects of the toy-making town in Qiaoxia. And fully affirmed the advanced and innovative design concept of China Education Toys International City and the full-function planning layout of the whole industry chain. Tang Shuji cited several figures. In 2017, China’s education funding reached 4 trillion yuan after years of growth; China will add more than 20,000 kindergartens each year; Chinese toys consume 22 US dollars per capita, but South Africa, Brazil and other countries are China. 3-5 times. With the country's constant emphasis on the education industry, the liberalization of the second-child policy, and the upgrading of consumption, the Chinese toy industry is about to enter the fast-track of rapid development. Tang Shuji also said that teaching toys is one of Yongjia's four pillar industries, with an annual output value growing at a rate of 30%, accounting for half of the country's educational toy industry. The construction and operation of China Education Toys International City shoulders the historical mission of enhancing the transformation and upgrading of Yongjiajiao's toy trade, which helps to consolidate and strengthen the leading position of Yongjia's toy industry. At the event site, the banners were suspended and lively, and many large-scale machinery were waiting to be launched.

(Mr. Tang Hongzhuan's speech)


According to reports, China Education Toys International City is based on the Yongjia tens of billions of educational toy industry, aiming to build an upgraded modern industrial commerce service platform for the teaching toy industry. The project is located in the Liwan Industrial Zone under the bridge with convenient transportation. It is connected to 333 Provincial Highway, Liwen Expressway, Wenzhou North Station and Wenzhou South Station. It has excellent geographical, traffic and logistics conditions. The project adopts the world's leading business city model, planning product display transactions, exhibition centers, e-commerce, financial services, training and education and other functional divisions to create a Chinese educational toy business aircraft carrier. At the same time, in the project design and development, the new planning layout, the first layer of the first layer, paved along the street, to create a magical shop of about 6.5 meters, the main area of ​​40-50m2, fully meet the different needs of teaching toys business.

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