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2019 Liben Group Corporation Annual Party

2019 Liben Group Corporation Annual Party

Issue Time:2019-01-23

2019 Liben Group Corporation Annual Party


Liben Group Corporation held the annual party on Jan.21.2019. Our Chairman gave a speech to recognize the achievements of 2018 and planning for the future in 2019.

Then some of the staff were rewarded for their outstanding work. Between drinks every departments showed their programs. There are WOTA dance, Fluorescent gesture dance, witty skits, cosplay dance, etc. Further more in the night we got 40 lucky draw.




Unforgettable 2018, we walked together. Glamorous 2019, we greet together.

The time of joy is always very fast, although the gathering is short, the friendship is infinite

Here, I wish that Liben group will continue to make great progress in the new year and create new achievements. Partners, let us walk together and soar.

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