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Trampoline parks safety instruction

Trampoline parks safety instruction

Issue Time:2020-02-19

Safety instructions for trampoline parks

There are many cstomers asked us about the trampoline park safety instructions,here we'd like to share you about it

1. The suitable age range for trampoline is 3-45 years old. Children under 5 years old must have a parent or guardian to accompany the guardian, otherwise playing in the trampoline area is forbidden; customers with children must take good care of the children they bring with them at all times For possible dangers, do not leave the guardianship, and do not guarantee that the children with them will comply with this safety instruction;
2. All customers must play according to the area divided by the signs, and follow the voice or notices issued by this trampoline park and the instructions of the staff;
3. For a good experience, all customers must wear non-slip socks for sports venues. You can bring your own or buy them at the front desk. It is forbidden to wear ordinary socks, shoes or bare feet to enter the activity area;
4. Before entering the trampoline area, please remove any sharp items such as jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, glasses, etc .; girls need to tie their hair with rubber bands (do not use hairpins), and fragile items such as glass are strictly prohibited. , All kinds of containers, beverage bottles, wooden sticks, sharp objects and similar items are brought into the trampoline to avoid loss, damage or injury to yourself or others during exercise; and it is strictly forbidden to bring controlled knives, flammable, explosive and corrosive items Items that may endanger the public safety of the venues and those prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations are allowed to enter the trampoline, otherwise they will be reported to the public security organs for severe punishment;
5. Do not bring valuables such as mobile wallets into the trampoline area. The customer will not be held responsible for any loss due to improper storage.
6. Muscle sprains, soft tissue contusions, etc. may occur during exercise. Please warm up sufficiently before exercise, and pay attention to the high degree of unsafety during the jump.
7. A single jumping surface allows only one person to play. In order to avoid the danger of multiple people exercising on the same jumping surface, especially adults and children are prohibited from sharing the same jumping surface.
8. For your own safety and that of others, please do not lie or lie down on the trampoline jumping surface. If you need rest, please go to the rest area.
9. Learning trampoline movements must follow the principle of gradual progress, emphasizing the common progress of movement quality, after a period of training. I will have a better feeling about trampoline, that is to say, there is a certain stage of network learning, we must lay a good foundation, do not worry, otherwise the trauma is difficult to control.
10. Never try dangerous fancy moves. Fancy actions like tumbling are very dangerous. Users must have sufficient skills to take relevant actions to avoid harming themselves or others, and at their own risk.
11. When playing, do not jump on one foot. This action may cause unbalanced movements of the body. When the body is out of balance, please protect your wrists, ankles and waist. As far as possible, use your butt and back to contact the net. You can also fall to the ground in a hug-like shape, so that the large contact surface will reduce the degree of physical injury to a minimum; people without professional training ca n’t raise the bounce height of the trampoline too high, and their technical level is insufficient. Attempting to perform difficult movements that exceed your skills and abilities can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death.
12. It is strictly forbidden to climb the slide in the reverse direction; it is forbidden to support the trampoline net or soft bag with your hand to avoid sprain or fracture.
13. It is strictly forbidden to chase playful, push-pull, bumping people, flipping, and difficult movements without permission in the trampoline park. After being persuaded by the on-site staff many times to stop not listening, this person may be considered for the safety of other personnel. Clear out of the trampoline area;
14. Customers who have high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women, injuries to their arms, legs, and habitual dislocation who are not suitable for strenuous exercise, such as drug abuse and drinking, are strictly forbidden to enter, conceal all accidents caused by their own physical illness, and bear all consequences , This place does not assume any responsibility except for assistance; and should not participate in trampoline activities after meals.
15. This trampoline park is an indoor public place. For the health of you and others, smoking is strictly prohibited;
16. It is forbidden to climb over the guardrail, and do not throw items into the trampoline, the rest table and the trampoline. There are special garbage bags and trash cans outside the trampoline;
17. The child must not bend or recline during play, because it is easy to cause damage to the thoracic spine and lumbar spine, and when playing, be sure to control the degree to avoid jumping for too long; if parents find that If the child is unwell, stop playing immediately;
18. Incorrect movement from trampoline to floor or platform area. Improper movement can cause ankle sprains or other injuries. Please walk from the trampoline to the floor area.
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