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Professional Trampoline Equipment Liben

Professional Trampoline Equipment Liben

Professional Trampoline  Equipment  Liben
Professional Trampoline  Equipment  LibenProfessional Trampoline  Equipment  LibenProfessional Trampoline  Equipment  Liben
CategoriesIndoor Trampoline Park
BrandLetsbounce Trampoline Park
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Update Time2021-10-29
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Indoor Playground Trampoline Park is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatics to rebound from a trampoline. It belongs to a type of gymnastics. The trampoline is called "air ballet".Indoor Playground Trampoline Park can be applied to commercial parks, residential communities and shipping mall, etc. 

Any paradise is best selected in a densely populated area.The location of the Professional Trampoline also has high requirements on the surrounding environment. There are schools, communities, commercial complexes, comprehensive entertainment venues, etc. It is the most important factor for investing in Professional Trampoline  to make money.

Consider the cost of rent comprehensively. Consumption levels in different regions are different, and the cost of rent is also different. When choosing a site, try to choose a location where the rent and property level are replaced. Plant reconstruction is a better choice.


Item No.: 5.LE.B2.810.121.04

Product Size: Customized

Material: Galvanized steel pipes, PVC, PP

Age Range: above 5 years old

Capacity Advice: 60-80



1.Can we customized the Indoor Playground Trampoline Park?

Answer: Yes, all of our products can be customized.

2.Can you provide contact information and address of your cooperated clients?

Answer: Please tell us your location so that we can help you to contact our clients and ask for their approval.

3.What ’s the age limit for Indoor Playground Trampoline Park?

Answer: Different products have different age limits, for example FEC is suitable for people of all age groups. Adventure Park and Indoor Playground Trampoline Park are suitable for kids age above 5 years old. As for indoor soft playground, the kids under the age of 7 will enjoy it more.

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